Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations in 2013

Travelers are always in the search of new locations that are easy to visit and should have the best accommodation ease. Most of the countries in the world have the best locations and these countries are prominent as they earn a great amount of foreign exchange that plays a very vital role in the progress of the country. According to a survey the 90% of the tourists belong to the developed nations and the developing countries are far behind in this sector. Although Pakistan has best places to visit in Asia but most of the tourists are given wrong information about the security conditions of the country. USA and UK have the most number of tourists visiting any country. The Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations in the world for 2013 are of special importance as it can help you to decide the perfect location according to your flavor and choice. So here it starts!

10. South Africa

south africa trip

South Africa is the house of nature and beautiful scenes. Most of the tourists are searching for those locations which offer nature and security at the same time and Southern Africa has the best places to visit. Animal fauna is greater in Africa as compared to other regions of the world.

9. Spain

spain trip

Spain is the best European country with the mix of the Islamic culture and the western culture. Many of the mosques were transformed into Churches at the end of the Muslim Rule in Spain. The historical evidences are scattered and this is the best places for the historians.

8. Fiji

fiji trip

Fiji has the most exotic beaches with all the necessary features of life. There is no problem of stay and enjoyment as all the facilities are available at very affordable rates. There are many other places to visit and enjoy.

7. Ireland


It is best known for the grand landscapes and the exotic scenes. that tend to rule this country. The natural wonders are scattered everywhere and it is best when it comes to the security.

6. USA

usa trip

With lot of states and a great variation in weather conditions USA is standing on the sixth mark. It is the super power and many other countries are under the invasion still it is standing on the sixth place with respect to the beautiful beaches and exotic natural scenes.

5. France

france trip

French revolution changed this country and this country was rebuilt after the Second World War. There are many places like Eifel tower and lakes that attract the attention of visitors. France is also called as the Country for Romance.

4. United Kingdom

united kingdom trip

The host country of London Olympics 2012 is standing on the fourth mark. It is also called as the Great Britain. It is beautiful option to visit UK in 2013 due to a lot of attraction points there. People are very lovely and there is no fear of crime. You will enjoy your trip to United Kingdom in 2013.

3. New Zealand

new zealand beauty

Lush green locations and beautiful mountains force the country of NZ to stand on third rank. New Zealand is a beautiful country with peaceful environment. People of New Zealand are very helping and kind. It has a lot places where you will go to enjoy holidays. New Zealand is on 3rd in our list of 10 Best Tourist Destinations in 2013.

2. Australia

australia trip

Kangaroos are standing on number two with the green pastures and high variability in culture and customs. Australia is a wonderful country to visit and stands on 2nd among Tourist Destinations in 2013 of the world.

1. Italy


Due to the utmost beauty and the great architecture, Italy is standing on number 1. It has all the variety which you want to have in your life. In simple words, it is all in one package. Italy ranked number 1 in the list of most popular and Best Tourist Destinations In 2013.

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