Top 10 Gaming PC Computers In 2013

Gaming PCs are popular mainly due to the ease they give to the gamers. The gaming PCs are equipped with excellent graphic options and the highly developed optical support. Games are becoming m0re and more popular among young generation so Computer companies have introduced best gaming computers for 2013. Best thing about these computers is that these computers are always liked by the gamers. The year 2013 has new models and the persons who are in a craze of playing these games like to add to their thrill and enjoyment and change their computers every year. Up gradation process is frequent and everyone loves to have the most perfect time with his game. Due to high demand of these computers, we have compiled a list of extra ordinary machines according to the popularity and performance and the Top 10 Gaming PC Computers In 2013 will give you a definite idea about the latest products available.

10. iBuyPower Paladin D875

iBuyPower Paladin D875

With Intel Core i7-3820 processor and a ranking of 5.75, this computer is standing on number 10. It has good graphics. The mother board is Intel Gigabyte GA-X79-UD that has a lot of good options for the beginners and the experts.

9. Alienware Aurora

Alienware Aurora

Gaming PCs always have a very diverse range of functions. More concentration is given to the processing speed as well as graphics. The Allienware has a lot of god features that are required by good gamers. It supports the multiple gaming thrills and it is readily available in all parts of the world. There is a great demand of this PC in US mainly due to the affordability of this PC. In 2013, it is standing on number 9.

8. Maingear X-Cube

Maingear X Cube

The Maingear X-Cube with popularity figure of 5.75 is standing on eighth number. The computer has very high processing and the memory is also well supported.

7. AVA Direct Xeon 5600

AVADirect Xeon 5600

Gaming PC must have a good user interface that allows the user to operate these computer in an easy manner. The AVA Direct Xeon 5600 is such a kind of new and powerful machine. With confidence of Intel, this gaming PC is suitable for the children and expert gamers.

6. Origin Genesis

Origin Genesis

This gaming computer has a higher popularity figure as computer to the above mentioned machines. The machine is introduced this year and it has a lot more better performance as compared to the previous models.

5. Maingear Shift

Maingear Shift

This computer is better for the experts and if you are amateur t    hen it is not suitable for your needs. The best thing about this gaming PC is that it supports the multi graphics interface as well as the combined user requirements that are needed during the multiplayer mode.

4. CyberPower Cobra

CyberPower Cobra

High speed and devastating graphics of the CyberPower Cobra makes it to stand on number 4. This computer is also in a greater demand in 2013.

3. Velocity Raptor Signature Edition

Velocity Raptor

Edition 8.80 of this gaming PC is standing on number 3. It has Intel 2nd Gen Core i7 Extreme Edition processor (Sandybridge-E), The most powerful graphics on the planet, USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s support, An additional level of tweaking, tuning, and updates, Award winning, 100% US based technical support and Your choice of Windows 7 or 8.

2. Digital Storm Hailstorm

Digital Storm Hailstorm

Remarkable speed and 3D graphic support is offered by this machine. It has DDR 3 RAM installed which is better than the previous one DDR 2. Digital Storm Hailstorm offers fantastic support to their users and solve all problems of PC no matter when you bought it.

1. Cyberpower Black Pearl

Cyberpower Black Pearl

Simply the best! The number one gaming machine has wonderful speed and is considered to be beauty with brains. The user interface is simple and it supports multiple operating systems. For top gaming PC in the world for 2013 Cyberpower Black Pearl stands 1st.

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