Top 10 Best Laptop Brands In 2013

Technology is coming with many modifications that are user friendly and enables the user to enjoy a diverse range of features. Laptops are now considered to be the extreme of this technology oriented generation. It is a need from student to a businessman and it serves as a very good source to fulfill your technology needs. There are many companies that are manufacturing the laptop computers and the best brands are those that satisfies all the aspects that are related to durability and performance.

10. Acer


The Acer is a very popular brand and is considered to be in the top brands in US as well as in Latin American nations. The laptops are always nice to watch and the performance is also wonderful when it comes to the price. The price is lower as compared to other brands.

9. Dell


Dell is another astonishing laptop brand having a very dense network in the developing nations such as Pakistan and India. The laptops are highly liked in student community due to lower price and high durability.

8. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard

HP is standing on the eighth number. The laptops are very efficient in quality and the price is also similar when compared to the Dell Laptops. The laptop has all the features that are required by the students. These have a good resale value.

7. Toshiba


The Toshiba laptops are standing on the seventh. These are better in quality and every model is master piece. Battery timing of these laptops are far better therefore it is included in the top ten brands of this year 2013.

6. Gateway


When you talk about the top ten brands there is a company named as Gateway that has the best laptops all over the world. The best laptops are really praised for their slim body and higher quality. M255-E Notebook is the latest one.

5. Sony


Sony Vaio series needs no introduction. Everlasting battery, smart graphics and lighter weight are some of the features that force this company to be included in the top ten brands of 2013.

4. Asus


Here is some of the best brands of laptops in 2013. Asus has a remarkable name and it is basically a Taiwan based company. These laptops are basically popular in business community. Asus 1018P and Asus 1016P are the latest models of this laptop and for their high demand these are included in top brands of this year.

3. Alienware


There are many cases in which you are doubtful whether to buy the laptop or nnot but this is not a case with this brand. LED screen, light emitting keyboard and energetic and smart colors make this to come in top makes of laptop for the year 2013.

2. Lenovo


Lenovo is ruling the laptop industry on 2nd rank. These laptops are liked for their artistic features. Tougher body and smart features make this to come on the 2nd most demanded laptops in the world.

1. Apple


Apple is standing of the number one and is simply called as the beauty with brains. The remarkable Mac Book Pro and Mac Book air have devastated the market with huge sale records.

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  1. John says:

    Alienware and Dell are the same company. As well Acer and Gateway.

  2. pret says:

    it’s based on a reader’s poll.
    the survey should be taken from some repair shops.
    See SquareTrade report. Asus should be no 1 , followed by toshiba, sony, apple, then Dell.

  3. Nina says:

    Thank you for the operate. Write-up aided me quite a bit

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