Top 10 Best Facebook Games In 2013

Social networking has become one of the most popular ways to interact with the community. When you are talking about the community then definitely everyone wants to compete at the community level. There are many games that are available on the Facebook that can increase your community rank as well as your friend circle. Every game list below in 10 best Facebook games in 2013 has some definite features that give a separate identification to these games. You can also play these games and some of the games are also believed to give you a definite amount of money after completing the challenge. You will be interested to find out the Top 10 Best Facebook Games in 2013 because of the natural human instinct that forces anyone to know about the best. We hope that you will definitely enjoy these games.

10. Mafia Wars

mafia wars

Mafia Wars has been considered among those games that are extremely popular. These games are played basically on the theme of the gang wars that are always in worry to take the position of the other gang. The players create mafia and then plan the missions accordingly.

9. City Ville

city ville

The game has a better revenue generation on Facebook and has succeeded in gathering the attention of more than 280,000 players on this social networking site. The player does multiple jobs and in the end draws profit from these tasks.

8. Word Challenge

word challenge

There has been an increase in the trend of this game as this is a sort of puzzle game and puzzle games are always in demand. The player gets multiple challenges and in the end he makes the solution of these puzzles.

7. Texas HoldEm Poker

texas holdem poker

Poker games or the standard card games are best community games that engage the attention of millions across the world. This game has the best turns and moves and the best player sets records. Texas HoldEm Poker ranked 7th in the list of Best Facebook Games in 2013.

6. Tower Bloxx

tower bloxx

This is also one of the puzzle games that are designed and developed by Digital Chocolate. Game has the best tasks of building the cities and then proceeding further. It can even take a lot of days to end this game. This game runs on different Operating System along on FB. You can play this game on Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live Arcade, Android, iOS and PC.

5. Know-It-All Trivia

know it all trivia

It is a facebook game that mainly depends in the user idea and knowledge. Guessing, knowledge and sixth sense are required to solve the mystery of this game. This game involves the best part in the form of puzzling technique that is not predicted in any case until and unless the user defines that.

4. Cafe World

Cafe World

Cafe World was developed by Zynga and launched in September, 2009. This game basically develops your managerial skills that are required to run a cafe. You can even make a lot of profits and can also go in loss. Your abilities are well tested in this game. This game is just available on FB.

3. FishVille


The game is standing on number three and allows the users to enjoy multiple tasks that are available in every mission. FishVille was a real-time aquarium game developed by Zynga in October, 2012. This game had 1.6 million monthly users.

2. HowZat Cricket

HowZat Cricket

For cricket lovers it is the most loving game and with the passage of time the users of this game are increasing in a drastic manner. HowZat Cricket had million of users on just FB and getting popularity day and night.

1. FarmVille


FarmVille is developed by Zynga and launched on Face Book in 2009. It is most popular game for FB users. It is available in Adobe Flash mode for social media sites and the apps are also available for iPad and Android users. From 2009, this game is consider as the best game on FB till 2013. This is basically a construction game in which you have to make from available resources. A must play game on FB!

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