Top 10 Most Entertaining Celebrities In 2013

Celebrities are better known for their beautiful acts and these are considered to be the icons in the entertainment industry. In 2013, we are listing the most entertaining celebrities of the world. There are various celebrities that belong to different areas of entertainment. Many of the singers and actors are more popular as compared to that of other fields. There is always a room for the improvement and these celebs always keep themselves beautiful. There is always the quality work from these icons that forces the viewers to love and praise them. Entertaining is the most difficult thing in the whole universe. So, this listing is mainly about the Top 10 Most Entertaining Celebrities In 2013 that will lead you to another world. Following is the list of the best entertainers of this year. Hope that you will enjoy the best listing. So, enjoy the best listing!

10. Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks

She started the carrier in 2000 and she has many effective multi episode contributions. She has been considered as the best actress for the legal drama Kevin Hill (2004-2005). She is also the actress in Mad Men and she rocked the whole USA.

9. Hayden Panettiere

hayden panettiere

She has been best remembered for playing Claire Bennet on Heroes and she has the best role in many dramas. The Malcolm in the Middle is one of the most favorite and super hit of all the TV serials. She has been regarded as the 9th most popular entertainer. She is also brand ambassador for Neutrogena.

8. Charlize Theronz

charlize theron

She made her first appearance in Devil’s Advocate and she has been best known for her killer performance in Monster. She also appeared in Sleep Walking and Hancock and rocked the audience with her thrilling acts.

7. Rachel McAdams

rachel mcadams

She was the best in her acts with Ryan Gosling. She has gained immense popularity after she was driven by some of the fashion magazines in US. In the list of Top 10 Most Entertaining Celebrities In 2013, Rachel McAdams got 7th number.

6. Rihanna

rihanna 2013

She is Brabados based singer and she impressed Def Jam Records CEO Jay-Z by her magical voice. She is standing on number 6. She made drastic performances in US and Europe.

5. Megan Fox

megan fox 2013

There are lot of actresses and models that make a lot of progress in a very short period of time and at the age of 13 she made wonderful performances to cheer the whole US. No one can deny the beauty of Megan Fox and she is also listed in most hottest actresses of the world list.

4. Kate Beckinsale

kate beckinsale

She has been called as the most entertaining model in UK. She has been included in the top 100 most attractive women of UK.The Last movie of Kate Beckinsale “Total Recall” is a superb hit.

3. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson 2013

She gained popularity after the movies The Horse Whisperer and The Other Boleyn Girl. The last movie Ghost World is also popular among many of the movies.No one can forget the acting in Iron Man 2 which inspired every one. So, Scarlett Johansson got 3rd in most entertaining celebrity of the world in 2013.

2. Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco

She managed the entertainment industry as one of the side businesses. She is mainly a model and she is being popular throughout the US. She is a proper actress and having many active projects.

1. Eva Mendes

eva mendes

Eva Mendes was born on 5 March, 1974 and now she is 38 years old.She is the best girl in the entertainment industry. She has been involved in many projects that are related to fashion, singing and movies. She is the best entertaining celebrity in 2013.

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