Top 10 Highest Paid Models In 2013

Fashion industry has been considered as one of the most successful industries in the world. The industry has now converted into a business hub where everyone is in a constant struggle to earn more and more. The glamor can be correlated with the quality of fashion. Every company wants to hire best models of the world for publicity of products. Every part of the world has different fashions and the best model always try to express these colors in a particular way. The beauty and looks are not enough instead there are lots of things that are related to expressions. This article will try to cover the topic about the Top 10 Highest Paid Models In 2013. So here it starts!

10. Adriana Lima

adriana lima

She is Brazilian model and she has been most successful supermodel of her country. She has been working in many projects and as far as her personal life is concerned she married to a basketball player and after that she continued her life as a super model. Her earnings are 35 Million Dollars.

9. Milla Jovovich

milla jovovich

This superb model has been considered in the top ten models that are earning high revenue. She began from an Italian magazine and now she has been earning more than 36 Million US Dollars.

8. Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell

She has been considered as one of the best names in the glamour industry and her personal life is quite successful. The total earnings of this model are estimated to be over 49 Million US Dollars. She gained popularity due to her smile.

7. Claudia Schiffer

claudia schiffer

She has been given the best position according to the Euro rankings and she has been working since 1990. The German model has many achievements and her current revenue rate is more than 50 Million US Dollars. She is best known for her beautiful eyes. Claudia Schiffer is on 7th for 10 most paid models in 2013.

6. Elle Macpherson

elle macpherson

She has got the sixth rank in this list. The Australian model has been related to the sports modeling and her current revenues exceed over 60 Million US Dollars.

5. Heidi Klum

heidi klum

She has been given the fifth rank and the modeling is her side job. Basically she is a beautiful singer and her revenues are ranked one of the highest in the world. Current status is registered as 71 Million US Dollars.

4. Kate Moss

She has been considered as one of the best models in the history of glamour. She is an English model and there are many controversies related to this name. Overall she is 80 Million Dollar woman. She is famous for charity works. In the list of highest paid models, Kate Moss stands on 4th position.

3. Christie Brinkley

christie brinkley

This American model has a good record of making the most business in the current year. The actress has several appearances in many of the fashion magazines. She has earned more than 83 Million Dollars from the swimsuit modeling and photo shoots.

2. Tyra Banks

tyra banks

She is an American super model and her personality is far better as compared to other models. She got the fame after 2000 and she now running a modeling school. She has estimated earnings of more than 91 Million US Dollars.

1. Gisele Bundchen

arrives at the 39th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Morgan Freeman held at Sony Pictures Studios on June 9, 2011 in Culver City, California.

Gilese Bundchen comes on the number one rank and she is the richest of all models. She is beautiful, glamorous and above all, she has very original personality of her own. She has been regarded as the best model for the year 2012-2013. She has been considered as an icon in the fashion industry and her current revenues are over 150 Million US Dollars. The number 1 position for top 10 highest paid models in 2013 is secured by Gisele Bundchen.

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