Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2013

Now a days there is a situation of conflicts, cold war between countries and people are thinking about choosing a safest countries in 2013 to live happily. Every one of us have a deep desire to live in country free of crime, murders and have a stable up growing economy. Due to highly economy crisis in many major countries of the world we people have afraid from the world and this thing urge them to think about the better countries to live. In every single movement, hundreds of crime, murders and other activities are going in the world. After 9/11 in United States people are more worried about their life’s as it is the most important thing for every one of us. Due to such bad economy of many top countries there may be a situation of open war between them and if it happens than non of us will be save and sound. To choose the 1o most safest countries to live in 2013 is a difficult task but we have made it much easier for our readers. The countries below are very popular for trips, if you have such plans in future than you must have to consider them as an option.

10. Finland


Republic of Finland is  situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.  Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia have joined borders with Finland. It is a small Island with fully peaceful environment and attractive surroundings. People of Finland speaks Funnish but Swedish is also spoken as a language as Sweden and Finland has a joined border.

9. Sweden


Sweden has managed to get a stable rank in top 10 safest countries from several years. Sweden have no open or cold war with any country of the world and have a peaceful relations with their nearer countries. Sweden have very sever weather condition but the life is wealthy and healthy and hence weather is not affecting the country condition in any way.

8. Austria


Austria is one of the most safest country in the world with lot of landscapes and mountains in the area adds to its beauty. Living in Austria gives you a sense of peace in your mind. Austria is located in Central Europe with per capita GDPA $ 46,000 and therefore included in richest countries of the world.

7. Australia


When economy of the world is badly affecting, Australian economy is growing in a stable way and no worries for economy problem living there. The country is included in the friendliest country list due to nicer behavior of people of this country. Crime rate is very low there due to very good economy. So, we recommend you to consider it due to beauty and economy of Australia.

6. Norway


Norway is one of the most peaceful nation in the world and officials of Norway have won the hearts of foreign people who travel there for trips. Aside from its beauty, the country has a strong social welfare system. The economy of Norway is very strong and no worries of unemployment living there. They officially gives very importance to women and children’s and have made a peaceful environment for people.

5. Ireland


Ireland is also included in a country of friendly relations with neighborhood. You will enjoy living in hard working, peaceful environment, friendly and in brotherhood relations. Ireland is one of the most Safest country in the Europe and indeed stands on number 5 in the list of safest countries for 2013.

4. Iceland


Iceland is rally the place of friendly people where peace and calmness are found higher than the peeks of mountains and deeper than surface of seas. Crime rate is very low as you can say it about 0 % due to high income and economy of Iceland. Me personally recommend you to go there if you have any plans for settlement in safe country.

3. Denmark


Denmark has had the worst history and included in the countries responsible for break out of Europe in history, but see what a change they got and now the country is listed 3rd in most safest countries in 2013. Denmark have all things for you to live a happy and enjoyable life. Beauty is seen every where there and people are very friendly in nature.

2. Tuvalu


It is a small heaven like country which is located in between Australia and Hawaii. Tuvalu is just like a paradise for a getaway of  adventure, the safest places in the planet. The total population of this country is about 10,000 and its a God gifted safest place on the earth. We have not heard any crime and terror attacks in the last couple of years from Tuvalu.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is the most safest countries on the earth for 2013. God has gifted it with high mountains, green landscapes, Ice glaciers and the friendly behavior of people. Crime rate is negligible and the economy is stable. New Zealand is consider as the paradise on earth for tourist point of view. The people in New Zealand have a high degree of respect in their neighbors. This country have no enemies in the world and hence ranked 1st among safest countries in 2013. As in 2012, the country is on number 6th position and improved its ranking and now on the top of the list. We strongly recommend you New Zealand for travel and long time stay.

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