Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013

WWE is now the biggest hub of entertainment for the wrestling lovers. The game has captured the minds of millions across the globe. People are trapped in the craze of this game. There is a great love for the wrestlers and people from all over the world love to watch this great game. There are many exciting angles that can be viewed out of this game. This game has mostly two or three groups that are against each other and it also involves a greater amount of drama but some time there remains no limit in the game. The modern version of this game is far more systematic as compared to that of the older tactics. There are many places where you love to discuss the Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013. Most of the people will love this listing as this is about the richest wrestlers. So enjoy the best listing!

10. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

He is basically an American Wrester and he is considered to be full of talents. He is also an actor and a smart businessman. He is WWE champion and he has a very big contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment. He is 18 Million Dollar man.

9. Big Show

Big Show

He is also an American and having the record of injuring most of the wrestlers. He won many titles under the roof of the old WWF and the present WWE. He has earned more than 20 Million Dollars and he is still playing for his life.

8. JBL

jbl wrestler

He belongs to US and his complete name is John Bradshaw Layfield. He has his own company of energy drinks. He is a winner of more than 20 Championships.

7. John Cena

John Cena

He is also an American having the best all time record of 12 World titles. He is the winner of more than 21 Champs. He is also a talented guy having a record earnings of 21 Million Dollars.

6. Mick Foley

Mick Foley

He is also the best wrestler of USA having the records of the various world titles winnings. He is standing on the sixth rank with the total earnings of more than 22 Million US Dollars. He is standing on the sixth position but his popularity graph is far higher than that.

5. Triple H

Triple H

He is also one of the most important persons in the history of wrestling. He has a distinct position and he has very strange moves that turn the game around. He has a total earning of more than 25 Million US Dollars.

4. Hulk  Hogan

Hulk  Hogan

He is famous due to the American professional wrestling moves. He is the world champion and has won more than 6 times the WWE title. He is a diverse personality and loves to enjoy his game. Earning has crossed the limit of 30 Million US Dollars.

3. Undertaker


He was famous mainly due to the odd drama he used to play in the starting of his carrier. He is a 34 Million Dollar man. Undertaker is a wonderful wrestler with huge following around the world.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin

He also gained popularity by the famous head jerk. He is a professional TV Star and a superb wrestler. He has record earnings of more than 40 Million US Dollars. Stone Cold Steve Austin stands on 2nd number for highest net worth in the list of richest wrestlers in 2013.

1. The Rock

The Rock

Film star, Musician, Comedian and a great wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin stands on number 1 position with 65 million dollars in the list of 10 richest wrestlers of the world in 2013.

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