Top 10 Richest Rappers In 2013

Previous year was successful for the rap players as well as for all those are attached sincerely with the music industry. US music charts showed much type of mixed trend that forced all the singers to remain in a great mood. Overall the rappers seemed to enjoy their time as there remained a huge competition for the king of the rap industry. Many names are there but the best remains in the top of the list and hence have more bucks as compared to others.  The Top 10 Richest Rappers In 2013 will be discussed in this listing and we hope that you will definitely enjoy the names of richest singers. So here it starts!

10. Christopher Ludacris

christopher ludacris

He is the most popular rapper of the music industry in US and gained the popularity in a very short period f time. He earned more than 11 million dollars in previous year and stepped in 2013 as the tenth richest rapper.

9. Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

Rap fans cannot forget this name as the Nicki boy has a lot of fun for his lovers! With number of advertisements and concerts all around the world, he earned more than 14 million dollars and is 9th richest rapper.

8. Eminem


If you don’t know this guy then it is your mistake as this he is billionaire and millions of fans all around the world. He is on number 8 with 15 M Dollar Mark.

7. Aubrey Drake

aubrey drake

He is the person who is popular even on the roads and black people love to dance of the rap played by Aubrey Drake. With drastic public performances he earned more than 20 million dollars and expecting more this year.

6. Bryan Williams

bryan williams

He is the real hip hop hero as well as a great businessman. He has many solo performances as well as group performances like performance with Lil Wayne. He crossed 21 M $ Mark.

5. Lil Wayne

lil wayne

He has a record of becoming the youngest rapper playing most tracks at one time. The “Black is Hot” album gave him a boost that was unexpected by most of the lovers in US. He has crossed a mark of 26 Million Dollars.

4. Sean Combs

sean combs

This American rapper has huge hits like Press Play and Dirty Money. The money mark is above 40 Million Dollars per year. He is fourth most wanted hip hopper.

3. Kayne West

kanye west

He is also a film director and do some hip hop stuff in the spare time. He is really fashionable and loves to play a lot of music. He crossed the mark of 33 Million. What a guy!

2. Jay Z

jay z

Jay Z or Shawn is successful mainly due to a great diversity and variations that are popular. The particular style of this guy is very different and hence gives a very good music. Dancing boy has crossed the mark of 40 Million dollars in year 2012.

1. Dr. Dre

dr. dre

The Dr. Dre has a particular G Funk style and he is the most entertaining rapper in US with an average income of 250 Million Dollars. Forbes Magazine justifies this salary.

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