Top 10 Richest Countries in The World 2013

This article is about the richest countries in the world in 2013. Planet earth is variable in its geography and topography. Each and every country is blessed with a group of natural resources on the basis of which that particular country makes progress. The resources play a very vital role in the determination of the overall progress of a nation. There are many countries which are making a lot of progress and the main target of these countries is to utilize the resources for the benefit of their people. The developed nations are always recognized by the degree of hard work and no nation can flourish without the justice and harmony. There are more than hundreds and thousands of examples that can be related to the overall success of these countries. The article will discuss about the main rich countries that are present on the world map under the post titled as Top 10 Richest Countries in The World 2013. The listing is based on the facts and figures that can be overall related with the progress and prosperity in a particular region. We hope that you will like this article and also add some of the comments at the very end of this post. So here it starts!

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10. Kuwait

It is one of the strongest countries having very friendly ties with USA. It is also a hub of many of the economic activities. The value of currency is very high and for this reason it is standing on the number 10.

9. Switzerland

This is a land of no natural resources but the Swiss people organize themselves under the umbrella of justice. The investment plan is very much flexible and there are no hard rules for anyone. Switzerland one of the most beautiful and peaceful country is on 9th for richest countries of the world in 2013.

8. UAE

United Arab Emirates have seen some of the economic developments in past few years. The high GDP is mainly due to the natural reserves in the country.

7. USA

It is one of those countries that are making progress in a group. All the states are contributing and invading on different areas of the world under the title of war against the terror and it is mainly intended to capture most of the resources of different countries.

6. Brunei

This country is also one of the top ranked countries and it is mainly due to the economic development. The higher GDP rate is mainly due to the friendly relations and strong economic relations with USA.

5. Hong Kong

It is also an emerging economy and it is always supported and backed by USA. The main reason of the development is the anti-behavior with China and good relations with USA.

4. Norway

It is one of those countries that are best known for the competitive environment. The GDP has drastically increased due to investment in the electronics sector.

3. Singapore

It is also called as the Switzerland of Asia and it is counted as the development hub in the region. The fast growing economy is backed by USA.

2. Luxembourg

It is among those countries that are regarded as the economic powers of Europe. Although there are many natural sceneries but the main business is in the finance sector which is very strong.

1. Qatar

It is also one of those countries that are most prominent in Arab. The best thing is that it is standing on number 1. Qatar has topped the list of richest countries in the world in 2013.

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