Top 10 Poorest Countries in The World – 2013

When you talk about the richness in the world then it is limited to the 25 families of Jews. The rich countries are dominating the planet and there is very little economic help for the poor nations of the world. We are talking about top 10 poorest countries in 2013 in this article. The basic reason of poverty is the violence and civil wars that end up the political and socioeconomic infrastructure of these nations. According to a careful estimate more than 50% of the nations are poor. The GDP of a country is highly involved in this matter and the economic condition of many countries is directly or indirectly dependent upon this figure. The Top 10 Poorest Countries in The World – 2013 will give you an idea about those nations that are living under the line of poverty.

10. Togo


West African country is standing on number 10. The GDP per capita is less than 830$ and for this reason it is standing in the top ten list. The official language is French and the main reason of poor state is the civil war that is being imposed by the external groups of neighboring states.

9. Sierra Leone

sierra leone

West African country with GDP of less than 785$ per capita is standing on the number 9. This country has good exports but there is no development and highest corruption that is making it to stand on the number 9.

8. Central African Republic

central african republic

This is also another African state and the GDP is less than 760$ per capita. There is no infrastructure and the corruption is engulfing the whole nation. This country is also having a greater part in smuggling of goods. The exports are mainly dependent upon the agricultural produce.

7. Niger


The African state is standing on number 7 with a GDP of less than 730$ per capita. This is located in the West Africa and the main reason is the scare resources and high population.

6. Eritrea


This country is also located in the Western part of Africa and the GDP per capita is less than 730$. The country is rich with Uranium resources but still there is high poverty and less development.

5. Somalia


This country has been affected by drought and the lowest per capita income of 600$. Somalia is also one of the poorest countries of the world. This year Somalia stands on 5th number in poorest countries of the world for 2013.

4. Burundi


This country has a GDP per capita of 410$ and Bujumbura is considered to be the capital city. This was separated part of Belgium and now it is considered as in the top five of the poor states in the world.

3. Liberia


This is also located in the Western Africa and has a GDP of 390$ per capita. There is no infrastructure and the government is corrupt and looting the resources. 3rd position is secured by Liberia in poorest countries this year.

2. Zimbabwe


This country is famous for the cricket and still it has a lower GDP of 380$. This country has been demolished by the war between different races. Zimbabwe is on 2nd number among the list of Top 10 Poorest Countries of 2013.

1. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The GDP of Congo is 370$. This nation has been destroyed by hunger and diseases. The drought and civil wars further demolished the whole infrastructure. In list of poorest countries of the world in 2013 Democratic Republic of Congo stands on 1st number due to extreme low GDP ratio.

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