Top 10 Most Populated Countries In 2013

 Planet earth is the only planet on which the human beings can survive. Although the scientists are working day and night to discover some traces of water on Mars but all of the efforts are going in vain. There are chances that the planet earth will soon become an overcrowded place and people will start dying of hunger and water shortage. Population is perhaps the biggest hurdle and there is a greater chance that 2050 is the most critical year with regards to the population growth. Scientists are now working to stabilize the population and even the family planning programs are now getting even more funding as compared to any other program. There are many countries that are populated and the Top 10 Most Populated Countries in 2013 will cover those countries.

10. Japan

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Although Japan has a lower population but when it comes to the area wise population, it is standing on number 10. It has a reasonable population of 127,000,000 individuals.

9. Russia

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Russia or the previous Soviet Union was the super power that was broken by the policy makers of US and UK after the Afghan war. It has a greater population of females and more than 65% of the population is female. The total population is above 142,517,000 individuals.

8. Bangladesh

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It is one of the most populated countries of Asia and it is best known for the tropical conditions that are prevalent in the form of rains and floods in the country. Despite of the catastrophic conditions, Bangladesh is standing on number 8 with a population of more than 161,000,000 Individuals.

7. Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the biggest nations of Africa and it has a larger population as compared to other countries that are found in this continent. The total population is believed to be more than 173,000,000 individuals.

6. Pakistan

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With beautiful locations and spectacular sceneries, Pakistan has a greater population in South Asia and the present population rate is higher in the region. The country has a population of more than 190,000,000 individuals. Pakistan is on 6th number for top 10 populated countries of 2013.

5. Brazil

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Brazil is best known for the tropical weather and the Dengue fever outbreaks. The South American Country has the best population rate of more than 193,000,000 and it is mainly notorious due to the higher crime rates.

4. Indonesia

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The most populated country of the Islamic world has a population of more than 248,000,000 individuals. International companies love to invest in this region mainly due to the higher population needs and growth rate.

3. USA

usa flag

USA is the present super power and Jewish population is also dominating this region when it comes to the economy and business. The present population of more than 50 states is 313,000,000 individuals. The country has an unemployment rate of 13.3%.

2. India

india flag

Second most populated nation stands on second mark with unlimited poverty and poor economic growth. India is the worst populated region with a number of interior issues. The total population is more than 1,205,000,000 individuals.

1. China

china flag

China is believed to be the next super power and has a glorious history that is related to the hard work and courage. Total population is more than 1,343,000,000 individuals. China stands 1st for most populated countries in 2013.

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    Does the numbers for the U.S. include all of the illegals in the country or have they been omitted?

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