Top 10 Countries with the Highest Divorce Rates in 2013

Life is a gift of God and it continues in a very ambiguous fashion. For some people life is very easy and for some it is like bed of thorns. Marriages are considered to be positive activity for the well being of a society. Unfortunately, the separation cases are increasing day by day and with each passing second there is a continuous increase in the divorce cases. This top 10 list will discuss the Top 10 Countries With The Highest Divorce Rates in 2013. We hope that this article will increase your information.

10. South Korea

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This country is famous for the education and prosperity but unfortunately it has the worse divorce rate. The rich culture of this country is very popular but the couples are now much educated and forgotten their cultural values and it has a high rate of more than 3%.

9. Czech Republic

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This is another country with higher divorce rates. People are very cool minded and don’t like to take tensions and depressions and for this reason they cannot bear the extra demands from their partner. Females are more involved and the divorce rate is as high as 3.2%.

8. Cuba

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Cuba is a liberal state and most of the people living here belong to different races and cultures. The Cubans have a lot of charm for money and the life partners are changed on the basis of money factor. This is the main reason of divorce in Cuba and with 3.25% it is standing in eighth place.

7. Moldova

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It is an Asian country and the main system is the combined working system. Women are also working with their husbands to improve their social status and in this way they fail to live together. It is most important reason of divorce in the Moldova.

6. Belarus

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The Belarus has higher divorce rate of 3.7% and the life partners don’t pay more attention to the marriage. The independent thinking of these couples forces them to live independently.

5. Ukraine

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The higher divorce rate of 3.9% is devastating rate that is influencing the population in Ukraine. The people are not depending on their life partners. Ukraine is on 5th number in the list of top 10 countries with highest divorce rates in 2013.

4. Panama

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Panama is standing on number four and there is a greater need to address the higher divorce rate in Panama. The reason of higher rate is poor economical condition and independent attitudes.

3. USA

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USA is also on the top of the list with an ever greater divorce rate. The life partners want to have independent life and the middle class women prefer to have life with high society people. Infidelity is the main cause of separation.

2. Aruba

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Aruba is standing on number 2. The main cause of the higher divorce is the infidelity and poor economic condition. The interesting thing is that there is no rule for the divorce in the country.

1. Russia

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Previous Soviet Union and present Russia, has a very higher rate. The main cause of the higher divorce is the homosexual system. Russia stands on 1st for highest divorce rates in 2013.

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  1. Allen says:

    Moldova is not an Asian Country, it is an Eastern European. Before posting lists, visit your local library and research the facts!

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