Top 10 Corrupt Countries in the world 2013

Corruption is the unnecessary and illegal use of authority in order to gain personal benefits and extra earnings. We have created a list of 10 Corrupt Countries in 2013. Developed countries have lesser corruption cases as compared to underdeveloped nations. The developing countries have high corruption mainly due to the shortage of resources and absence of active law enforcement agencies. Corruption has now become one of the biggest hindrances on the pathway of development and prosperity. Nations which fail to control this flood, shatters away from the pages of history. Soviet Union, present Russia, broke up due to many factors including war and corruption. Corruption may be present in every field of practical working. It can damage the efficiency of an organization and consequently, the progress of a whole nation. In this article top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2013 will be discussed. We hope that you will love to read the list. So here it starts!

Corrupt Countries 2013

10. Haiti

Haiti stands on 165th rank in the whole world and the poor condition of this country is mainly due to the over increasing corruption cases. Human rights have reported that there are greater violations in this country. This country is near to an end.

9. Venezuela

Venezuela is standing on the 165th rank as this has an increasing corruption trend over the past few years. The country has a greater crime rate and due to the anti American policy of its government, it is facing a lot of troubles.

8. Iraq

Iraq is standing on the 169th number as the US raided this region. The sectarianism has caused a greater damage as compared to that of other factors. Before the American raid, there were quite stability but after the raid things went in an opposite way.

7. Turkmenistan

This country is also popular due to the corruption and it was previously part of the Soviet Union. The greater population and higher crime rate is increasing the cases of violations of humans rights. The sufferings are increasing and the difference between the rich and the poor has been increasing.

6. Uzbekistan

Uzbek nation is also one of the nations that survived for more than 69 years under the Soviet rule. The government has failed to construct the overall structure for the well being of the people. Most of the people have adopted migration in order to save their families from the risk of the future.

5. Myanmar

It is standing on the 172nd number and it has a real pathetic state. There is no implementation of the anti corruption laws and this trend of corruption is increasing with each passing day. The sovereignty of this country is in real danger.

4. Sudan

American intervention has also destroyed the infrastructure of this Muslim country and forced it to move on the number 173. The country is in a constant state of instability and there is an increasing corruption due to the sector wars, high crime rate and poor legislation.

3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is standing on the last numbers in the world and it has a very high rate of corruption. The government has failed to progress in the presence of US invasion. The literacy rate is also very low as compared to the neighbors Iran and Pakistan.

2. South Korea

It has very high budget for the war fare. The corrupt government has failed to give prosperity to their nation.

1. Somalia

When there is a talk about the pirates then Somalia comes on the number 1 rank. This country has depleting resources and some of the highest corruption rates. It is a failed state and US intervention is also present in this country.

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