Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in 2013

Life has now become a big challenge to cope with as majority of the world population is living below the poverty line. Everyone wants to enjoy the cheapness and there is a greater demand for those countries which has less value of money as compared to the progressive states of the world. The country which has a low value as compared to the Dollar has been considered cheaper. Obviously these countries include those countries that are less developed. The natural beauty of a place is not related to the economic development. Tourism always tends to support a county and there is a greater demand for those countries that are beautiful and cheaper at the same time. These countries always offer some of the cheapest tour packages to facilitate the people of other countries. The best advantage is always taken by the neighboring states. So keeping in mind the demand of the top ten countries to live, we have compiled a list of the best ten countries under the heading of Top 10 cheapest country to live in 2013. This listing is helpful for two groups of people, i.e. for those who want to settle in some other country of the world and obviously for those who want to enjoy their vacations. So here it starts!

10. Croatia


Croatia is very different as compared to other regions of Europe. You will enjoy and don’t have to worry for the budget. There is no high pricing and there is very good control over a sudden increase in the price. The artistic and beautiful culture further amuses the visitors.

9. Peru


Peru is very nice place to visit especially for those who love to enjoy the best forests and rain forests. The rain forests provide you with the best place to live and enjoy. You can also do business in the areas of mining and fishing as these are some of the best businesses for your needs.

8. Bali


This is most beautiful as well as cheap island. It provides you with all the luxuries of life. This is the best feature of this place as it has the highest diversity among all the Asian cities. The diving and surfing further increases your interest and change your life style.

7. Morocco

Morocco 2013

Morocco is a country that is located in the Northern part of Africa. You can enjoy the best places in this city and perfect pricing further facilitates. You can invest in the businesses and there are very smart opportunities for the businessmen.

6. Greece


If you are aware of the Romans and gladiators then there is certainly very good place for you. Greece is the country of entertainment and the prices are well balanced. The living style of most of the families is different and people enjoy the lower inflation rates as compared to that of other parts of the world. Greece is on 6th in 10 cheapest countries to live in 2013.

5. Mexico


The country of Mexico is certainly the best place to live in North America. It is ranked among the top 20 countries of the world with respect to the area. The fabulous and cheap places and shopping malls in this country further give a very good advantage to

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also a good place to live and the inflation rate in this country is low mainly due to the fact that this country depends on its own resources. The best places to live is Colombo which is the business hub in Sri Lanka.

3. Portugal


This country is also recognized for the cheaper rates and for this reason this country is standing on number 3. You can find a lot of good places and certainly the best pricing scheme forces anyone to decide to live in this place.

2. Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is the best place to enjoy in Brazil. Porto Alegre and Aparados da Serra National Park further increase your fascination limits. This is also a smart place to live.

1. Pakistan

pakistan northern areas

Traveling to Pakistan is indeed the best thing to enjoy. Living in Pakistan is cheapest and you can find wonderful house just in 50-70 dollars per month. The northern areas of Pakistan provides the best places to enjoy. So Pakistan stands 1st in cheapest countries to live in 2013.

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  1. Rara says:

    The title from the article above is The Cheapest ‘Countries’.. Well, since i’m from Indonesia, i can tell you that Bali is not a country.. It’s only a small island in Indonesia.. :)

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