Top 10 Best Ways to Commit Suicide In The World

Depressions are increasing with the passage of time and joblessness if forcing the young generation to commit suicides. United States of America is standing on 46th number and there are more than 11000 deaths per year mainly due to suicide. The article will discuss the Top 10 Ways to Commit Suicide in the world. Our post is just for stats and facts and nothing more than it.

10. Drowning


Most of the relationship breakups and financial worries result in this type of suicide. Women are more interested in this type of suicide. Death occurs due to the unavailability of oxygen to the lungs and this result in death of individual. This form of suicide is more common in the developing countries of the world.

9. Electric Shock

Electric Shock

This is most worse way to end the life. It is mostly done by the youngsters and those who want to end their life for the sake of something. Mature persons seem to be less interested. In this mode, there occurs electrolysis of blood and the person dies due to the unavailability of the blood at the cell level. Heart attack may also accompany and nervous breakdown is more frequent in this mode of death.

8. Exsanguinations


Loss of blood is the cause of death in this case. This is most frequent mode of suicide in the country of Japan. The arteries supplying the blood to different organs are cut apart and this result in the loss of blood and the person die mainly due to the tissue damage and the non availability of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.

7. High Jump

High Jump

Breaking of bones and damage to the vital organs, results in death. This is usually caused by jumping from a higher place like building or the bridge. Shattered bones usually damage the vital organs and nerves are greatly damaged during this activity.

6. Suffocation


This is another cause of death and if it is intentionally done then it is called as suicide. This is less proffered way of suicide but suffocations due to methane and ethane are more frequent.

5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

CO is a toxic and there are many cases in which CO is inhaled. The CO results in the non availability of oxygen to the body tissues. This is perhaps the most dangerous way to commit suicide. There are many other cases in which this gas was used to kill a population of animals and it is equally lethal to humans.

4. Poisoning


Poisoning has a reduced survival rate and considered to be the worst of all. This can result in the reaction that may be neurological or nervous. The cyanide and some other poisons are banned mainly due to their use as poison.

3. Lynching


“Hanging till death” is not a phrase but a reality. Some people are so frustrated that they commit suicide with the help of this method.

2. Alcohol

Overdose of alcohol can result in death of an individual. This is the second most common way to commit suicide.

1. Bullet Shot

Bullet Shot

With a survival rate of 1%, bullet or gunshot is standing on number one. It is also most preferred way to commit suicide.

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