Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In 2013

Intelligence agencies are working for the national interest of a country. The Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In 2013 are classified according to the performance of that particular intelligence agency. A Number of intelligence agencies are working in the world and it is quick a difficult task to rank them in a top 10 list. But we have managed to make a list of  Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In 2013. This article will focus on the top ten intelligence agencies that are working for the national interest of many countries. We hope you will get information regarding Best Intelligence Agencies In 2013 in this article.

10. ASIS (Australia)

asis logo

This agency is working for Australia and has a limited budget as allocated by the government. It is mainly focusing on the areas that are beyond the control of government and there are many of the areas that are neglected by this secret agency. Different agents are working for this agency and there is no estimate of the persons working for them.

9. CSIS (Canada)

csis logo

It was established in late 1980’s mainly for the national interest of the country. The greater part of this intelligence is working with the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The national interests of Canada and socioeconomical values are defended by CSIS.

8. RAW (India)

raw logo

This intelligence agency is working for India and has partnership with the intelligence of US, Russia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This agency is working against the enemies of India and there are many reports indicating that RAW is working for the regional peace and harmony. Anti terrorism tactics of this agency are acknowledged by several intelligence agencies of the world.

7. DGSE (France)


This is the intelligence agency of France and is working in a different pattern. They are providing national security to the citizens of the country and also working to decrease the total number of crimes in the country. Reports indicate that there are probably half million people working for this secret group.

6. FSB (Russia)

fsb logo

This secret agency is currently very efficient to stabilize the situation that was created after the Soviet Union collapse. The secret agency is also working with the other agencies of neighbor countries especially India and the headquarters are located in Lubyanka Square, Moscow.

5. MSS (China)

mss logo

China is very near to become the super power of the world. Large population of this country requires a very vigilant intelligence. The spies are hired from different states as the Chinese spies are easily recognized in most of other countries. The ISI of Pakistan is also assisting MSS for the welfare and prosperity in South Asia.

4. MI6 (United Kingdom)

mi6 logo

This intelligence agency is serving the United Kingdom and the main head quarters are located near Vauxhall Cross, London. The agency has a remarkable performance as it is in close association with the intelligence agencies of Israel and US.

3. MOSSAD (Israel)

mossad logo

MOSSAD is the third most powerful agency in the world. Israel and US are supporting this intelligence agency mainly to support the existence of Israel. This agency is also working in close association with RAW which is working for India.

2. CIA (United States)

cia logo

CIA is US based intelligence agency and is considered to be the second best intelligence agencies of the world. CIA is an American intelligence agency which was formed in 1947. It is one of the largest intelligence agency of the world till 2013. CIA spends a large amount of funds than any other Agency of the world to get information. CIA has more than 22,000 employs.

1. ISI (Pakistan)

isi logo

ISI was organized after the independence in 1948. ISI has very secret system of intelligence as there is no record of activities. There is no monogram of this agency and the logo of Government of Pakistan is used for the recognition. Pakistan Army assists ISI for the activities while the Civilian wing is also present. It is least funded Intelligence Agencies in all the above listed Intelligence Agencies. But, above all it stood 1st in the list due to high success rate in Intelligence. It has about 10,000 agents all around the world which are doing Intelligence job for Pakistan Government. One major Intelligence Failure of ISI was Abbottabad operation of United States in which Osama Bin Laden died. But from many other reasons and success rate of Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan it still ranked on number 1.

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  1. Hashmi says:

    It was not ISIs failure that OBL was found allegedly where he was found. There is popular opinion that ISI was complicit. This institution is known for bringing down Empires and super powers… we all know where its arrows are pointed towards now..

  2. Mian Manzar says:

    I love Pakistan & ISI.I proud that I m Pakistani.

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