10 Best and Beautiful Houses In The World – 2013

Beauty is always praised and when you talk about the living place then everyone wants to have a perfect living place. There are very few places in the world which are developed enough so that their residents are able to enjoy a wonderful living. People living in beautiful houses belong to the richer families and are bound to pay big amount of tax payouts. There are many examples of houses that are present in different parts of the world. There is a general craze all around to find out about the top 10 houses in 2013 and therefore this article is being written under the title of Top 10 Best and  Beautiful Houses In The World – 2013. You can find this interesting to read:

10. Updown Court

MODERN DAY STATELY HOME - Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey. When completed it will go on the market for offers in excess of £70m. Photo: Dwayne Senior/Sunday Times 25 Oct 2004

This house is located in UK and has a worth of more than 115 Million US Dollars. It has more than 80 living rooms. Updown Court is ranked on ten in the list of 10 best houses of the world in 2013.

9. Maison de l’Amitie

Maison de l’Amitie

Donald Trump is the owner of the house and it spreads on more than 80000 ft2. This house has a luxurious cottage for the guests and spreads on more area.

8. Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys house

This house was built by Suzanne and David Saperstein and it has a worth of more than 125 Million US Dollars. The exterior is very beautiful as it is made up of the natural stones and the interior is further beautified with the help of real gold.

7. Dracula’s Castle

Draculas Castle

This was constructed in 1980 and the net worth of this house is more than 80 Million US Dollars. The house is a masterpiece and still considered as one of the expensive houses present in the world.

6. Hala Ranch

Hala Ranch

This belongs to one of the Saudi Princes. This house is huge enough to accommodate many people at the same time and has more than 20 Bedrooms and bathrooms. All types of health and sports facilities are available in the vicinity. The worth is more than 130 Million Dollars.

5. Aaron Spelling’s Manor

Aaron Spellings Manor

This house spreads on more than 56,000 ft2. This is an ancient house and was built in the year 1991. The house has more than 120 Bedrooms and it is called as a palace in the local area.

4. The Penthouses at One Hyde Park

The Penthouses at One Hyde Park

This house has a worth of more than 159 Million US Dollars and it is still under construction. The owner of the house wants to extend the map of the house in order to make it one of the biggest houses in the world. The Penthouses at One Hyde Park is on 4th number for best houses in 2013 around the world.

3. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

Elena Franchuks Victorian Villa

This house is located in London, UK and has a worth of more than 160 Million US Dollars. It has more than 10 well furnished and remarkably decorated living rooms and has a capacity of accommodating many people at the same time.

2. William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion

William Randolph Hearsts Mansion

This remarkable living place belongs to William Randolph who is one of the greatest persons related to business sector. This house has complete living environment and it covers more than 6 acres of land. The worth of this house is more than hundreds of million dollars.

1. Antilla

Antilla House

This is a one billion dollars house and it is standing on the number 1 rank. The whole house has a remarkable architecture and is completely composed of the glass. It has 27 levels and the garage is made so as to accommodate more than 150 cars. Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this particular house called as Antilla and this house is located in India which is considered to be one of the poorest nations of the world.

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