Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women In 2013

Your personality depends on many things and perfumes also serve as an identity. Selection of perfume according to your personality is very vital as it adds to your personality and gives you a new boost. There are many types of perfumes that are available for women but the best perfume is that which has good aroma and has an affordable price range. The price should match with the persistence of perfume. If the perfume is less persistent then it is less. Here is a complete list of Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women in 2013 from which you can choose a best perfume for yourself.

10. Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsession by Calvin Klein

This perfume is a lot popular this year as it has the finest blends of greens and spices. The floral touches further enhance the impression. Overall it gives a new boost to your personality and can be regarded as a good addition by the CK family.

9. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue by Dolce

This perfume is regular perfume especially for the working women and for those who want to enjoy the unfathomable experience of jasmine along with the fiesta extracts. This perfume gives true feminine feeling and a lot of satisfaction to your inner desires.

8. Euphoria by Calvin Klein


Euphoria was introduced as the best addition by CK. This perfume is specifically formulated to satisfy the ever increasing needs of the women. This fragrance has a mix aromatic effect of lotus and orchids. It has been considered as the best perfume addition by CK.

7. Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture

This perfume is filled up with the natural extracts of many kinds of fruits. It gives you the excitement of mandarin, plum, watermelon, lemon and basil at the same time. The passionate women like this perfume as it has very extra loving aroma.

6.  Safari by Ralph Lauren for Women

Safari by Ralph Lauren

The Safari perfume is mainly liked for the delicious aroma it has. The combined effect of cinnamon, sandal and lemon makes a very good combination for the perfume lovers. Women like this perfume due to its soft fragrance.

5. Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women

Romance by Ralph Lauren

Cool Cologne for women that have the ability to satisfy your needs. The natural extracts of aromatic woods and musk makes a good mix and drives you crazy.

4.  Calyx for Women

Calyx for Women

This perfume is better called as the queen of the perfume world. It says long after the application and has a very persistent effect. The grape fruit extracts and the feminine scent is liked by the perfume lovers.

3. Kiss Her By Kiss For Women

Kiss Her By Kiss

This perfume has a unique combination of the best extracts of nature and has very sweet and extra aromatic odor that mystify your fellows. The main touchy thing about this fragrance is that it can be one of the best gifts for your lover.

2. Escape by Calvin Klein

Escape by Calvin Klein

It is feminine fragrance and it can also be considered as one of the finest plush scents. The blend of citrus, plums and rose make a good mix.

1. Jessica Mcclintock for Women

Jessica Mcclintock

The Jessica Mcclintock is the floral fragrance and is considered to be the best scent for women. It has multiple extracts that are mixed in different proportions.

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