Top 10 Reality TV Shows to Watch In 2013

Reality shows give an insight about the life and several incentives are presented to the winners. There are several types of game shows that are being liked by the people in US. According to a careful and precise survey, more than 56% of the families are in a regular habit of watching these shows that are popular in people of all ages. Certainly there is a craze to find the answer that which is the most entertaining show on TV. The seasons are also popular but these shows have their own charm and beauty. This listing will certainly focus on the Top 10 Reality Shows to Watch In 2013 that are going to be the block buster shows in present year. We hope that you will love to read this list. So enjoy the top ten list!

10. Rupaul’s Drag Race

Rupauls Drag Race

This reality show is very popular due to the stunning seasons and the current season 5 is very popular in the people of US. This show is being broadcasted on several TV Channels but the main copyrights are attained by DSTV’s VUZUTV channel.

9. The Amazing Race

The entertainment season continues to trap the attention of its viewers. Certainly everyone likes a dramas kind of scene in the reality shows and the pairs compete for the survival and the grand prize of 1 Million US Dollars.

8. American Idol

American Idol

This is the best show that has many types of competitions. The participants basically fight for the best song and the greatest melody ever. The winner gets chance in the op industry and he gets a very prideful introduction in the music industry of US. The selected winner is announced after the polling.

7. Survivor


The survivor series is very much popular mainly in South Africa. This show has many types of rounds and the best player gets the prize money. There are difficult set of tasks and difficulty increases as the game proceeds.

6. Got to Dance

Got To Dance Series 4

Dancing shows are been watched with full craze as it depends on the performance and form of a particular participants. The winners are decided after the public polling and there are several kinds of props that are given to dancers. It’s an amazing show for the youngsters as well as for the old community.

5. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

This show is a craze for most of the women in United States of America. Besides women, men also love to watch this show. This show has stunning cat fights and taunting that engages the viewer into a continuous state of mind.

4. America’s Got Talent

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Pictured: "America's Got Talent" Logo on black -- NBC Photo

This show has many rounds and this show is being streamed in different countries. For example in India and SA it has been given the name of that particular country. It promotes the new talent or the underground talent of a particular country and when you are talking about US, then it’s just superb!

3. Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a superb show and stands on number 3. It’s fun to watch this show!

2. The Bachelor

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is also a great show to watch and the show is based upon the group of women.

1. America’s Next Top Model

Americas Next Top Model

No doubt on this that this is number 1 show on TV!

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