Top 10 Most Popular Magazines of 2013

Internet and social media have reduced dependence on the print media. People from all over the world are now depending on their gadgets for the latest online information and then utilizing that information to make certain decision in their lives. The magazines have now launched their online edition to keep up their business going. The popularity of a magazine depends upon two factors, i.e. Authenticity and originality. Every magazine tries to hit the target audience and there are very few magazines that are general. For example, the women magazines will try to address the issues that are related to the females, male magazines will address the problems and solutions of the masculine’s issues. Overall the quality of every magazine is determined by the overall looks and popularity.

This article will focus on the top 10 most popular magazines in 2013 because the readers are always in search of the best magazines around the globe. We hope that you will definitely find this listing as one of the best.

10. Men’s Health

This magazine is about the men’s health and all the issues that related to males. This is also helpful for the females mainly to understand the characteristics and habits of the opposite sex. You can find more in this regard!

9. Vogue

This is mainly a fashion magazine that highlights new fashion wears and all of the stuff that is related to the past, present and future trends in fashion industry. The magazine is especially valuable for the young ones.

8. Time Magazine

If you are in a habit of keeping yourself in touch of all the latest politics and the current affairs then certainly you should read time as it is the best magazine liked and praised by people of all ages and interests.

7. Sports Illustrated

Sports are liked and praised by everyone. Even the people who are not interested in this business seem to be quite interested in the winning and losing of their country in any of the games. This is best magazine for the sport lovers.

6. Rolling Stone

When it comes to the pioneers in the world of music and politics, this magazine comes on the very first number. The magazine is best sold in the people ranging from the age of 35-65.

5. People

People magazine is for the people! The name is quite broad and it has obtained the title of best selling magazine in USA.

4. National Geographic

Adventure lovers! Be ready! This magazine will revive your interests in the every discipline that is related to human beings. The evolution of life and all forms of life is demonstrated and it can be taken as one of its kind. Basically it is an educational magazine.

3. Playboy

This is adult magazine that is mainly published for the adult audience. The sexually explicit content is included and the teen agers are recommended not to go for this magazine.

2. The Lady Magazine

This magazine is mainly for the females and it is most popular in UK. The magazine emphasizes on the pre and post marriage problems and all the feminine issues and their solutions.

1. Real Simple

This is most preferred by the house wives and the general public. For this high popularity graph it is standing on number 1 rank. This magazine addresses money saving, smart savings and family issues.

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