Top 10 Horror Movies of 2013

Horror movies are always liked as these give other dimension of life. These movies are called as the supernatural movies as these have some sort of hidden message. These movies are sometimes reality based as the paranormal activities are common and science is also accepting it as a separate branch of study. The horror movies of this year will be discussed in the article under the heading of Top 10 Horror Movies of 2013. We hope that you will enjoy this article.

10. Evil Dead

evil dead

Shiloh Fernandez, Jane Levy and Jessica Lucas are included in the cast of most horror movie that is expected to cause lot of thrill this ear. The Evil Dead is a series of movies and this movie looks significantly horror as the evil looks brutally violent this time.

9. I, Frankenstein

i frankenstein

Bill Nighy, Aaron Eckhart, and Miranda Otto are included in the main cast of this movie. This movie basically covers the story of Adam that is involved in the two way war between the two independent domains of an ancient city.

8. Texas Chainsaw 3D

texas chainsaw 3d

Tania Raymonde, Alexandra Daddario and Scott Eastwood are included in the main cast of this movie. The story is about Heather who goes for a long journey in the search of some unknown inheritance. The movie will hit as the psychic thriller of this year.

7. Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral

jeepers creepers 3 cathedral

Luke Edwards, Jonathan Breck and Marieh Delfino will appear in this movie as the main cast of Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral. This horror movie will terrify the young people and there is an age limit to watch this particular horror movie.

6. Stoker


Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode are included in the main cast of Stoker. The movie will cover the brutal side of the society and will cover some of the most horror scenes ever. The movie can be regarded as the best horror of the present year.

5. The Conjuring

the conjuring

Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Ron Livingston will appear in this horror movie and they will try to root out some of the mysteries that will be associated with this horror drama. The main cast will encounter with the spirits of the farmhouse as it is evident from the trailer of the movie.

4. Carrie


Julianne Moore, Chloe Grace Moretz and Judy Greer are the main role players in this horror movie. The film is produced by MGM and near to release in March 2013. Carrie is a horror movie and stands on 4th in 10 horror movies of 2013.

3. Mama


Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Megan Charpentier have their wonderful roles in the perfect horror movie of this season. This movie has been released on 18th January and is making a lot of business. The story is about a haunted woman who was found lost in forests.

2. The Last Exorcism 2: The Beginning of the End

the last exorcism 2

The main cast of The Last Exorcism 2: The Beginning of the End includes Ashley Bell, Andrew Sensenig and Judd Lormand. Movie is near its release in March 2013. The Last Exorcism 2: The Beginning of the End is on 2nd for top horror movies in 2013.

1. Dark Skies

dark skies

Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and Dakota Goyo will make their appearance in Dark Skies and the release date is very near. This story is about a couple that make crucial decisions about their families.

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