Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In 2013

Athletes represent the sport energy in a country. It is not necessary that any country is dominant in all forms of sports. Some countries are better adapted as compared to others. For example US are the Olympics champion for many years but it has no expertise in the cricket. The highest paid athletes belong to the developed nations and these nations have higher sponsorships for the encouragement of their players. The African nations and some of the Asian countries failed to develop in many forms of games, mainly due to the lack of funds in the form of sponsorships. This listing is about the Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes in 2013 that are well reputed for their fantastic gaming skills and extra ordinary sharp moves. We hope that you will definitely enjoy this listing.

10. Peyton Manning

peyton manning

This great player is regarded as the lowest grade among the richest members of this list. Still he is not so poor and has total earnings of 40 Million Dollars. Peyton Manning is on 10th number in our list of most paid athletes of 2013.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

You must be well aware of here stunning moves and amazing goals. Everyone knows this great footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has millions of fans all over the world. He has a total estimated earnings of more than 43 Million Dollars.

8. David Beckham

david beckham

English Footballer is famous team captain that lead the team to success. He has played many tournaments and also played for many clubs. He has a higher popularity graph and has the total earnings of 45 Million Dollars.

7. Phil Mickelson

phil mickelson

This enthusiastic player has earnings of more than 48 Million dollars. He has a high repute and there are many players who are having high popularity graph but still this person has the highest one.

6. Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 . He is well know by his nick name as “Black Mamba” a professional basketball player. This hero has a higher money amount in his bank and he has 50 Million Dollars that are declared by him.

5. Roger Federer

roger federer

He is a tennis legend and belongs to Switzerland. His stunning moves are liked by his fans as well as his fellow players. He has spent more than 1 Million Dollars on his son’s first birthday party and has a total estimated amount of 55 M Dollars.

4. LeBron James

lebron james

He is basically a NBS star and has sponsorships from the biggest brands including Nike, Coke and many fast food brands. The estimated earnings are more than 55 Million Dollars. On 4th Number for 10 Highest Paid Athletes in 2013 position is secured by LeBron James.

3. Tiger Woods

tiger woods

Golf super star has paid a heavy price for the sake of his name and position. His wife left him and that is the fifth wife. He has no time for his wife and kids. He has made a lot of sacrifices and still he is a happy man with the total revenue of 60 Million US Bucks!

2. Manny Pacquiao

manny pacquiao

He has earnings of more than 65 Million Dollars and after every fight he gets a huge prize that adds a lot of amount to it. He is going to be the richest sportsman after a very short period of time.

1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather was born in February 24, 1977. He has won eight world titles in her career. He is also a fighter and has estimated earnings of 90 Million Dollars. He is standing on number one in list of Highest Paid Athletes of 2013.

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