Top 10 Best Car Racing Games to Play In 2013

Computer games are now very popular as they give a home based entertainment. Game developers are now developing the best games which are very close to the original life. The games with extra 3D effects are very popular and for this reason a variety of players like to play these games. Most of the children are searching for the best games and the list related to these games. The free games are now very popular and are in high demand. Racing games are perhaps considered to be the most wanted games. The Top 10 Car Racing Games to Play in 2013 will give you an idea about the best games that are related to the car racing. These games are mainly liked for their missions. Following is the list of top 10 best car racing games in 2013 that are expected to become popular in the coming year.

10. Ferrari Virtual Race

ferrari virtual race

It is considered to be the best game for those who love Ferrari. The game is available on internet and can be downloaded to enjoy the complete features. You can also download the free version. There may be some deviation of graphics in the free version.

9. Need for Speed Underground 2

need for speed underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 is the latest edition of racing games that is released by EA Sports. It has a huge record of more than 15 Million installations and the offline installations are far greater as compared to this figure.

8. Need for Speed Carbon

need for speed carbon

This is another great edition in the family of NFS as it gives a new 3D racing experience to most of the race lovers. This version needs a good support of graphics and processing speed. This version is also one of the most popular games in the racing sector.

7. TrackMania Nations

trackmania nations

TrackMania Nations can be said to be the best multiplayer game that has online and offline user interface. The solo and multiplayer mode has more options for the race lovers. You can also download the complete version free of cost.

6. City Racing

city racing

The city racing deals with racing in the city environment. It is much like the Midtown Madness and it is free of cost with ultra graphics and best resolution. The user can download the limited edition of this game. City Racing is one of the most popular car racing game for gamers in 2013.

5. Driving Speed

driving speed

Driving Speed game can be considered as the best online game as it has very attractive user interface and can be compared with N4S game that has very popular ranking in the car racing games.

4. Euro Truck Simulator

euro truck simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is a truck simulation game created by SCS Software, using OpenGL. This game allows you to visit some parts of Europe and also visit shops, malls and any thing in the city. This game has best Euro rankings and can be compared with best games. The game has best graphics and good sound track that gives good enjoyment to the users.

3. Crazy Taxi

crazy taxi

Crazy Taxi game is devolved  by Hitmaker and released under the name of Sega. The game can be played on following operating systems i.e PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Live Arcade and iOS. This game has a record of most downloaded game but still it is some points behind and it is standing on number 3.

2. Drift City

drift city

Drift City is developed by NPluto developers. This game has best user interface with smart graphics and original racing environment. This game have million of users and loved by all racing gamers. So, Drift City is at number 2nd in our list of 10 best car racing games in 2013.

1. Mad Race

mad race

As the name indicates, it has no rules and the player is free to make smart moves. It is standing on number one. It can be downloaded free of cost from the internet. Mad Race is most popular game in our list of Top 10 Best Car Racing Games to Play In 2013. We recommend you to download it and play this year in 2013.

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