10 Top Movies of Martial Arts in 2012

There was a time when peoples did not like martial arts films but Bruce Lee presented greatest martial arts films and acceptance of this kind of films began to rise. We’ll be sorry to say that he is no more with us but peoples still love viewing his films. As he was an specialist in martial arts so his films included best fight moments. After the passing away of renowned martial arts professional, Bruce Lee, the man who changed him is Jackie Chan who guidelines the world of fighting in movies. We have collected the list of greatest kung fu films of 2012 that have best battle moments along with a good story to captivate peoples. Here are the 10 top movies of martial arts in 2012.


10. Rurouni Kenshin: The Live Action Movie

Rurouni Kenshin is a well-known Japanese TV sequence published by Shueisha. By the similar name, Warner Bros has declared a film which is planning to be released later on this season. The significant, in this movie, will be performed by Takeru Satoh from whom peoples expect excellent swordplay.


9. The Man With The Iron Fists

The story of this forthcoming action film will involve a villager who has to protect himself along with villagers. It will be launched on 26 Oct, 2012 where you can watch Australia actor Russell Crowe in form. Robert Fitzgerald Diggs has published the story and he is performing along with directing the film.


8. Haywire

It is semi-martial arts film because you do not see too much fight in Haywire. Few moments of fight and excellent stunts has been made by Gina Carano who is famous for her fashionable kick-boxing.


7. Monkey King: Wreaking Havoc In Heavenly Palace

One of the finest Chinese movie to be launched this year is Monkey King: Wreaking Havoc In Heavenly Palace. It is a dream film as “Heavenly Palace” indicates. The cast of this film includes Chow Yun-Fat,Donnie Yen, Joe Chen and Aaron Kwok. Donnie Chen has been as opposed to Bruce Lee which is an respect for any martial arts actor.


6. The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption can be grouped as having same quantity of martial arts as in above described movie. The major role in this Indonesian movie has been performed by Iko Uwais.


5. Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault

Taiwan is proven under atomic risk where a small number of people try to save their nation from disaster. The film includes some Hollywood components such as hijacking of plane. This film is estimated to be liked by Hollywood viewers too.


4. The Grandmasters

To pay credit to grandmaster, Yip Man, Hong Kong film industry is about to launch film by the title of The Grandmasters. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is doing the role of Yip Man in this movie.


3. Tom Yum Goong 2 – The Protector 2 in 3D

Toony Joo is doing primary part in this movie that began development last year. The revenue of Tom Yum Goong was more than 5 times its funds but at that time funds was lower. Now they are going invest more to generate more. It is predicted to be launched this year but one factor is sure that public will be viewing martial arts in 3D this time.


2. Chinese Zodiac

China Zodiac is a China way to feature pet names to season in a cyclic way which stops in 12 years but Jackie Chan has created film by that name because it has connection with those 12 animals. The film did not come instantly as it is a follow up to Jackie Chan’s old film. About $10 million has been invest on taking martial arts moments of just one fight.


1. Dragon Eyes

Two excellent martial arts heroes of all time, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Cung Le, we can see in this film. Both of them are created aspect of poster of the movie. Jean-Claude Van Damme is displayed as instructor of Cung Le. The film well directed by John Hyams which includes crime and action. It should have to be the best martial film of the season.

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